Storytelling - is it worth the effort?

Storytelling – is it really worth the effort?

Effort Versus Ease ‘Storytelling – is it worth the effort?’ was at the core of a recent discussion I had with a senior exec called David. The conversation went something along these lines…   I have had many similar conversations on occasions with other people in business. Of course storytelling takes effort but if your […]

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Analogies – when should you use them?

When is an analogy bad? So let me ask you a question, ‘When is an analogy bad? ‘ The answer is when you have to explain it. Just like a joke, if you have to explain it, it doesn’t work. In an interview last week Donald Trump said, ‘We have to prime the pump’. He […]

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Sharing business storytelling successes

Share your business storytelling successes

Sharing your experiences with storytelling One of the things I love most about my job is when people let me know their business storytelling successes and the difference this communication tool has made to them in their career. Yesterday I received the below message from a colleague I used to work with over 15 years […]

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jargon sucks

Which industry uses the most jargon?

Corporate Jargon Every industry has its own corporate jargon and acronyms, as do most companies. But which industry do you think uses the most corporate jargon?   I spent the first 15 years of my career in technology where jargon and more specifically acronyms were plentiful. I still recall ringing IBM because I could not […]

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The Edge - Thought Leadership Program

Gain the edge with Thought Leadership

What is Thought Leadership? Thought Leadership is suffering from an identity crisis at the moment. Some people hate the term and the concept while others are embracing it as way to gain a competitive edge. However mostly, it is just misunderstood. Joel Kurtzman, editor-in-chief of the Booz Allen Hamilton magazine coined the phrase ‘Thought Leadership’ back […]

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Your actions generate stories

Like it or not people are telling stories about you. They can be positive or negative, with the focus on you or your company. These stories will be based on the actions or decisions you have made. When I work with organisations, I spend a lot of time training leaders in the skills required to […]

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Why are dogs bad storytellers?

The other day a client sent me a joke that her son told her.       Why are dogs bad storytellers? ….because they only have one tail.       That is funny and true on many levels. If you share stories in business, you need to include a variety of examples. If you […]

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Lesson from La La Land

Last week I flew to New Zealand for work and watched the much acclaimed movie, La La Land. You know, the movie that won best picture for about 30 seconds. It’s a bit of a feel good musical so probably not my favourite genre. Pulp Fiction is my favourite move of all time so black […]

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How to find stories for work

When I first start working with clients on storytelling in business, the most common concern I hear is, ‘I don’t have any stories because I’m just normal’. This is quickly followed by, ‘Where do you find your stories?’. Everyone has stories, regardless of what you do, who you are or how ‘normal’ you think you […]

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The four types of stories you need in business

One of the biggest mistakes leaders make when they embark on storytelling in business is to rely on one story or one type of story. For example only telling the same story over and over again or only sharing stories about your children or training for a marathon. Over the last decade of working with […]

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What I have learnt in 50 years

On Thursday I turn 50 and like any milestone birthday it’s a great time to reflect on where you are at and what you have achieved. After contemplating the last 50 years, I am grateful for all the wonderful things in my life such as my health, wonderful family, supporting friends, amazing career and opportunities […]

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