Sample chapter – Stories for Work: The essential guide to business storytelling


From The Odyssey to The Bible, Aesop’s Fables to 1984, memorable and motivational information has always been passed down through generations in the form of stories. And, as world-class business storytelling expert Gabrielle Dolan vividly demonstrates in Stories for Work, stories can also give you the edge in business.


What would you rather do, sit through another dry presentation full of pie charts and spreadsheets, or listen to a good story well told?

What would have a greater impact on your staff, your clients and your customers, a spreadsheet or a memorable story?

Packed with case studies drawn from Dolan’s extensive experience as a consultant to leading companies world-wide, Stories for Work helps you to:

  • understand why storytelling grabs attention and helps you get your message across
  • master the four types of stories used in business settings
  • infuse your stories with the personal to highlight your vision and values
  • craft a selection of stories to tell at pivotal business moments.



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