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Gabrielle conducts a variety of tailored in-house workshops, including…

Business Storytelling



This workshop is designed for leaders who are ready to learn the number one leadership and communication skill of the next decade. The program offers important new insights into the way we communicate in business. Participants will be provided with the practical tools, perspectives and frameworks to construct and deliver their own authentic stories that they can use to get business results on a daily basis.

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Gabrielle completed a workshop with the leadership team in Singapore. Take a look at this video to see the participants reflections about the Business Storytelling training.

ONLY Public Masterclasses for 2018


Conveying Messages with Impact

Inspiring Presentations


A transformational program designed to take good presenters and give them the skills, insights and knowledge to tune them into inspiring presenters. Learn how to craft compelling content that will make your presentations memorable and inspire your audience into action. Every presentation is an opportunity to make an impact and make a difference. This workshop will show you how.

Interested? Download the brochure  or contact Gabrielle directly to discuss your needs.


Additional Online Offerings…

Online Program – Business Storytelling with Gabrielle Dolan

Business Storytelling Online Program


This program will make Gabrielle’s teachings and insights available to everyone, regardless of your location. With over 25 short videos, this program will challenge your current perception of storytelling and give you the skills, framework, insights and confidence to share stories effectively in business.



This includes:

  • What a story is and what it isn’t
  • The difference between traditional storytelling and business storytelling
  • Why you need it and why you need it now
  • The three stages required to develop a story
  • How to construct a story
  • Where you can find stories
  • Common mistakes with storytelling
  • Where you can share your stories
  • Real examples of business people using stories

You can purchase the program here or contact our office directly for multi access discounts.

Tailored Solutions

“Talk to me about how I can design a unique program for your specific needs that can incorporate various aspects of my offerings for you to achieve the best outcome possible. Contact me directly to discuss.”

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