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Are you ready to learn the number one leadership and communication skill for the next decade and beyond? Business Storytelling can dramatically increase your leadership presence and your ability to influence. Storytelling helps you connect, engage and inspire for personal and business success.

Gabrielle Dolan is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on business storytelling. Over the last decade she has taught thousands of people around the globe how to use storytelling effectively in business. With clients based in Melbourne, London, Sydney, Malaysia and many other destinations, her training workshops are in high demand as they provide participants with the tools, perspectives and frameworks needed to successfully use stories in business.

Interested? Download the brochure or contact her directly to discuss your needs and organise a tailored solution for your leaders.

ONLY Public Workshops for 2018

Online Program – Business Storytelling with Gabrielle Dolan

This online program will teach you…

  • What a story is and what it isn’t
  • The difference between traditional storytelling and business storytelling
  • Why you need it and why you need it now
  • The three stages required to develop a story
  • How to construct a story
  • Where you can find stories
  • Common mistakes with storytelling
  • Where you can share your stories
  • Real examples of business people using stories

With a total of 80 minutes of video footage this will be the most time efficient and effective personal development you could do. What’s more, with so many applications for storytelling in business, it will be one of your biggest returns on investment, both in time and money.

Preview the program here and priced at AUS$290 there is really nothing to lose…except ineffective communication and influencing techniques.

If you want this program for your entire team or organisation, please contact our office for multi access discounts.

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