March 30, 2021

‘Just tell me the story’ – said no one ever!


‘Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.’

If this Native American proverb is true, then why in business do we have such a bias towards facts?

I have recorded the following two-minute video on this topic. It may be worth a listen if you have ever wondered how to lead change more effectively. I’d also recommend it if you want to get your team to connect with the company values or simply make your presentations more engaging.

Virtual Public Workshops

I am also excited to announce my first virtual public workshops for 2021. They were such a success last year we will do it all again. Please note that I have been specifically requested to run workshops at different times to cater for the various global time zones. The workshop dates and times are listed below. As always, you can contact me directly to run an in-house session that can be virtual or in person if travel restrictions allow.

Business Storytelling Virtual Workshop
9:30am-1pm AEST (4:30pm start time in Los Angeles on 27th May)
Presenting with Impact Virtual Workshop
9:30am-1pm AEST (4:30pm start time in Los Angeles on 20th June)
Business Storytelling Virtual Workshop 
9pm-12:30am AEST (12 noon start time in the UK or 7pm start time in Singapore)
Not sure if you should register? Check out this feedback from a recent virtual session I conducted for a client.