Immersing yourself in the understanding

and study of communication doesn’t automatically make you an engaging and inspiring speaker, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Gabrielle’s experience in the corporate world and Strategic Storytelling authority have made her a highly sought-after keynote speaker on authentic communication. 

Through her own stories and real-life examples, Gabrielle introduces the audience to the concept of Strategic Storytelling and how it can be used to drive better business results.  

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great speaker?

Her passion for changing the way we communicate in business led to the creation of Jargon Free Fridays – a day of the week devoted to actively and consciously simplify communication and move away from the ghastly corporate jargon that has infiltrated almost every aspect of corporate life. 

If you’re looking for an engaging, inspiring speaker who will challenge the way your team approaches interpersonal communication, download Gabrielle’s brochure or get in touch to discuss service fee and availability.  

Watch Gabrielle

Changing the way we communicate
in business.

One of the best leadership speakers in the country. Authentic and real, which is perfect as that’s her area of expertise. Your audiences will love Ral’s presentations. World class speaker. 

Matt Church, author of Amplifiers and listed as 21 most influential people in the global speaking industry 

Hilarious & Insightful

If you’ve worked in organizations where the leadership didn’t “get it,” and where their corporate jargon filled the workplace like a dull grey fog, then you’ll find Gabrielle’s messages about authentic strategic storytelling to be as refreshing as a cool sea breeze!

Robin Russell McCasland, Communication Executive in Healthcare & Technology Industries,Texas.  


The star of the event

I could not recommend Gabrielle more highly. She has a great connection with the audience whether they be CEO’s of businesses or front line team leaders. Gabrielle is highly entertaining and received the highest rating from all 700 delegates – the star of the event.

Joe McCollum,Group Human Resources Director at Spark New Zealand 


Highly Recommended

In front of our international group of more than 1,000 people, she demonstrated an exceptional ability to capture and challenge our audience while delivering some great tips about becoming better leaders and communicators using the art of storytelling. I highly recommend Gabrielle as a keynote speaker for your next event.

Sarah McLaughlin Porteous, PMP Director of Communications at City of New Orleans, Special Projects and Strategic Engagement Office