October 20, 2020

A REAL Stocktake Sale


When I began running my own practice, I never thought I would be in a position to do a stocktake sale. Having said that, who would have predicted the last nine months!

At the start of the year I had several international conferences I was attending as the keynote speaker. In preparation, I had purchased 1000 copies of my book Real Communication to gift or sell at these conferences. Suffice to say we know what happened and these conferences didn’t eventuate.

The Problem

As a result, I have a spare 1000 books on my hands. This wouldn’t normally worry me except that two events are colliding.

Firstly, my youngest daughter Jess (the upcoming artist) has taken over my studio for her final years of school. Being the artist, she is not very happy with boxes of books messing up the aesthetics. So I can successfully store about 1000 books in cupboards but even Steve’s golf clubs and beer brewing equipment had to be moved out.

Secondly, 1000 copies of my new book will be arriving in a couple of months and I need to make room for them.

The Solution

So, here is my offer to you.

I am selling copies of Real Communication at the price I purchased them ($15 each). I am selling them in cases of 32 which is $480 a case and I will even pay for the postage to anywhere within Australia.

They are a pretty nice gift for your team or clients considering the book was a finalist for the best leadership book in the Australian Business Book Awards for 2019. It also reached No. 1 for bestselling Australian business books in 2019.

What’s more, I will individually sign each copy.

Win-Win Situation

So it’s a win-win situation…

  • You get books at half the price and no postage.
  • I make room for the next shipment of books while Jess gets to maintain a workspace that is apparently ‘more pleasing to the eye’.

As I only have 800 copies, I will work on a first in basis.