There can be a point in a career where your ideas, skills and experience combine to elevate you above your peers. You don’t have to be old and wise, you don’t have to be at the top of your game. But you need to know your area of expertise more than most, and have disruptive ideas or strong opinions on the future of your chosen field.

Knowing how to successfully elevate yourself into the role and communicate accordingly once you’re there can be a daunting proposition. Sometimes, all it takes is the right advice to get you over the line.

Forthcoming Thought
Leadership Intensives

In 2015, Gabrielle became an Australian and New Zealand Partner of Thought Leaders, where she works with individuals and organisations to help them gain a competitive advantage through Thought Leadership.

If you have 8 or more individuals within your organisation who would benefit from Thought Leadership training, take a look at our brochure or contact us to discuss a tailored internal program.

“Thought Leadership Intensive program was a wonderful way for the thought hoarders in our team to connect and start the transition to thought leadership!  Facilitated by an authentic story teller and thought leader in her own right, Gabrielle’s impact on our team has been immediate”

Natalie Field, General Manager Digital Delivery Centre, Australia Post. 

A customised Thought
Leadership workshop

“Gabrielle facilitated a customised Thought Leadership workshop for our executive team in order for us to learn how to create and package our ideas in a very unique and powerful way so that our healthcare consulting firm would stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Lisa Miller, Founder & CEO VIE Healthcare, Greater New York City 


What a fantastic
2 days

“What a fantastic two days! I could not have asked for any more than what Gabrielle did. The content and method of delivery was exceptional and it really challenged my thinking”

Michael Karim, General Manager at Alegre, recently voted 5th in AFR’s fastest growing companies for 2017 


Life changing

“Gabrielle’s workshop on Thought Leadership is life changing. It was uplifting and energising, and I gained clarity about my own knowledge and skills, and my career direction. The format of the workshop was very practical, and I met a group of amazing people looking to significantly shift their career or business to the next level. Anyone seeking to increase their profile, influence and business or career opportunities should seriously think about enrolling in this program!” 

Elizabeth Foley, Consultant at Capital Markets CRC