June 2, 2021

Audience – Responding to lockdown, a dog’s perspective


“Designing a presentation without an audience in mind is like writing a love letter and addressing it ‘to whom it may concern’.” Ken Haemer

One of the frameworks I teach in my presentation training is a strategic influence model I learnt at Harvard. I have adapted it slightly as an easy way to consider audience perspective when designing your presentation.

Basically, the response of your audience depends on what they care about; who they care about; and what they are concerned about. Take for example the latest lockdown announcement in Victoria. My dog Digger, no doubt like all dogs, took the news better than the most people.[1]

Presenting with Impact

Besides analysing your audience, I also cover the following in my presentation training:

  • How to structure presentations from beginning to end.
  • Learning a process to identify key messages in your presentation.
  • Exploring the various delivery methods for onstage or online.
  • Understanding what needs to be done before a presentation onstage and online.
  • Techniques to keep online sessions interactive and engaging.

My only scheduled public Presenting with Impact workshop will take place virtually on Monday 21st June 9:30am AEDT. You can find out more and register here.

What others say

So glad I registered for the Presenting with Impact Webcast. Your humility, humour and ability to flow seamlessly was masterful. Natalie Welch, Founder, Work Team

Gabrielle’s virtual training has had a measurable impact within my team on the way we are communicating together and most importantly to customers. The simple to adopt tools and techniques have meant we know we are having more impact and that our messages and intent is landing with our audiences. Andrew Boyd, Head of Digital Natives, Amazon Web Services

Brilliant session Ral, as our lives revolve more with online interactions this session was invaluable. Understanding the differences of influence in each medium was invaluable. You are definitely a one in a million presenter!! Lisa Barron, Fashion Designer

If you want to learn a great framework for how to give a great presentation, in person, online, anything, then sign up for Gabrielle’s seminar. Crisp, clear, and with an actionable framework to apply to any situation where you want to influence/educate others. Just to get her framework in hand is worth every penny, let alone her pearls from her extensive experience. Michael Maddaus, Surgeon, Keynote Speaker and Author

Gabrielle’s workshops are incredible. She engages and captivates her audience in a way that optimises each participant’s interest and learning – something that requires great skill in a virtual environment. Gabrielle is an exceptional presenter and educator on communication. Julie Bolton, Newcrest Mining

So, if presenting more effectively is important to you then I would love to see you there. Alternatively, you can contact us if you are interested in an in-house workshop for your team.

See you on the other side of lockdown!


[1] Please note that Digger doesn’t understand English and may have been reacting to my husband holding up his lead in anticipation of a walk.