December 10, 2018

Ep10: Authentic Leadership Podcast – Michelle Winzer

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Chief Executive, Bank of Melbourne

In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Bank of Melbourne Chief Executive Michelle Winzer. With 30 years’ experience in banking and financial services, Michelle has held executive roles in retail banking, business banking, customer service and operations. She was appointed Chief Executive at the Bank of Melbourne in 2017.

About Michelle Winzer

Michelle holds a Master of Business Administration from Melbourne Business School. She is a member of the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Executive Council and a mentor to emerging elite female athletes through the Minerva Network. What’s more, she is passionate about customer service, diversity and inclusion.

Our discussion covers the challenges she experienced as her career progressed to more senior roles. This includes the effects of travelling extensively with her 3 boys under 10.

Listen in as Michelle shares some embarrassing moments in business. What’s more, discover her signature dish that she loves cooking for her now adult sons. It took me by surprise, as it was my most despised dish that I ate as a child.

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