May 22, 2020

Bullet Points Kill


… and other deadly presentation traps

Do you have to sit through presentations by others that frequently include poorly designed, text heavy slides that the presenter uses as a script rather than engaging with their audience?

Presenters frequently rely on text heavy slides, littered with bullet points, that are stared at by audiences with glazed expressions and heavy eyelids. Can the presenter not see or feel the lack of energy in the room? The disinterest from the audience seems obvious yet ‘Death By PowerPoint’ lives on in business communications.

This book outlines the common reasons why we use slides poorly and the impact this has on your audience. It explores the ‘dos and don’ts’ when using slides because, if you need to use them, you should make sure that you are doing so correctly. Finally, it introduces you to other options for presenting.

The concepts in this book ring true regardless of whether you are giving a presentation to thousands of people from a stage, to a few people in a meeting room or a virtual presentation. No matter the size of your audience, you need to communicate your messages in the most effective way.

Together we can eliminate death by bullet point one presentation at a time.

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“Who better to help us understand how to keep the interest of your audience than the master herself. Gabrielle’s book drives straight to the root cause of boring presentations – we’ve all experienced them, and sadly I’ve probably given one or two. In today’s crazy world of multitasking, making your point, influencing decision makers, changing the world – it’s all harder. This book is a must read for those hoping to not just give a presentation, but to sway the minds of others and inspire action.”

Gretchen Gagel, Managing Director Asia Pacific, Conversant & President, Greatness Consulting


“Bullet Points Kill is a must-read for anyone that wants their presentations to be more engaging. This ebook is filled with practical tips and great advice. The section on presenting virtually is crucial for anyone finding themselves working remotely and needing to present online.”

Andrew Boyd, Head of Digital Natives, Amazon Web Services


“In today’s busy world, filled with white noise and relentless information your ability to stand out, get noticed and present your ideas with cut-through matters more than ever. Masterfully weaving storytelling and examples to show the power of brilliant presentations, Gabrielle’s Bullet Points Kill, is a must read for anyone that has to use Powerpoint in their work.”

Janine Garner, International Speaker and Best-selling Author of Be Brilliant, It’s Who You Know and Me to We


“Gabrielle is a ‘Rebel Rebel’ and this is a fun and engaging book that is not only for ‘absolute beginners’, where you can implement many ‘changes’ ‘day-in, day out’ immediately. ‘I can’t give everything away’ but this book is a ‘little wonder’, for the ‘heroes’ out there eliminating death by bullet point one presentation at a time. Bowie Versus Kylie lives on.”

Kieran McCann, PwC, National Thought Leadership Manager, Clients and Markets


“If you present as part of the work you do then you will find this book very insightful and extremely high value. From being clear on your message, to understanding your audience’s perspective and all the different ways you can get your message across. This book delivers on the title … will help elevate your presentations by engaging your audience whilst avoiding presentation pitfalls, including what we do when presenting virtually.”
Trudi Grant, Modern Workplace Lead, Microsoft