December 9, 2022

Business Basics – are you getting them right or wrong?


Last week I went to the gym with my workout pants on backwards and inside out. When it comes to putting on clothes, you could say there are only two basic things to focus on… and I got them both wrong.

Are you getting any business basics wrong?

This got me thinking about business and how often we are getting the basics wrong.

I have had too many experiences with travel lately, where the fundamental basics are not being done. And yes, I fully understand the issues such as lack of staff due to COVID. Sometimes there are very valid reasons, like getting dressed in the dark.

Of course, we don’t always get it right. But as we approach the end of the year it could be a good reflection question to ask.

‘Are we getting the basics right or wrong?’

If not, can we go do a quick change. Which is exactly what I did at the gym after about five minutes when I noticed things just didn’t feel right.

It’s my hope that over 2022 we have got more than the basics right for you. Incidentally, if I turn up to run a workshop or speak at your event, please feel free to tell me if I don’t have my pants on properly.

Office Closure

I also wanted to let you know that we will be closing the office from 21st December. Elise will be back on board on the 9th of January, and I will be back by the end of January.

If you are thinking of running any training for your team in 2023, feel free to lock in some dates before the end of the year because I am already about 50% booked out for the first half of next year.