November 28, 2023

Consciously Creating Positive Stories


I have a theory that negative stories get shared more often than positive stories. Actually, it’s probably not my theory as I am sure there is research on that somewhere.

When I work with clients around Brand Storytelling, I talk about the concept of consciously creating positive stories.

As a frequent Qantas traveller, I could share multiple stories of cancelled flights and lost baggage, just like many other passengers. But today I want to share a positive story with you.

Positive Stories

A couple of weeks ago on a Qantas flight, the flight attendant was explaining that they were serving a new red wine and people had been raving about it. And yes, I was in business class if you are wondering. Naturally I had to partake in a glass or two. Towards the end of the flight, she came up and thanked the fellow passenger sitting next to me and myself for our loyalty, and she would like to offer us a bottle of the red wine.

Now I know this small gesture does not make up for everything over the last few years. But it makes a good story. A story I have told to many people since and a story I am now sharing to a wider audience.

Employees are Brand Ambassadors

Things go wrong in business. And when they do those stories will spread like wildfire, doing damage to your company brand. Companies need to empower employees to look for opportunities to consciously create positive stories. Because all employees are brand ambassadors.

P.S. When I arrived home, friends who had been staying with us for a few weeks bought us a thank-you gift. Coincidentally it included this Qantas tea towel. They said it reminded them of me. 🤣

P.P.S. Want to discuss how you start the process of creating and communicating brand stories? I’m very happy to have a chat to see how I can help.