April 23, 2024

Do you have a plan B?


We have just spent the last few weeks at our holiday house that we co-own with our very good mates Bruce and Wendy.

Since buying this house 13 years ago Bruce and Steve have gone from never fishing to loving fishing. So much so that a couple of years ago we invested in a fishing boat.

“We will bring home dinner!”

the boys proclaimed as they left to go fishing in the boat for the day.

“Keep us posted on how you go”,

Wendy and I responded.

By mid-afternoon Wendy and I discussed whether we should have a plan B for dinner. They were out of mobile range so we couldn’t check in on them. But we decided that surely if they were out on the boat all day, they would be able to catch enough fish to feed 6 people… I think you can tell where this story is heading.

Plan B

It was very late afternoon when we got the text,

“I feel like chicken tonight.”

So, we had to jump in the car and drive into town to buy dinner.

You would think we had learnt the valuable lesson of having a plan B by now… especially when it comes to fishing. Because let’s face it we were never going to get that return on investment on a fishing boat.

The following week they went out again and not being daunted by failures of the past proclaimed

“We will bring home dinner”.

Understandably, Wendy and I decided the frozen Bolognese sauce would be a perfect plan B.

In this instance, plan B wasn’t required, and we had beautiful fish tacos for dinner. But just like in life, it is always better to have a plan B, even if you don’t end up needing it.