June 19, 2024

Do you have a presentation routine?


One of the things I do as a keynote speaker is I have a routine that works for me. Things I do a few weeks out, a few days out and even a few hours before.

There is also something I do straight after I present and that is to reflect on what worked, what didn’t and what would I do differently.

Last week I was the opening keynote speaker for Wiley’s Global Sales Kick Off Conference. There were over 500 people in attendance and my keynote was on Real Communication and Storytelling.

An opening keynote is a big responsibility as it sets the tone for the conference. And this was certainly the expectation of my client. My speaking routine ensures that I am prepared and can successfully meet everyone’s expectations.

Developing Your Routine

If presenting and public speaking is something you want to continually improve on, then developing your own routine is very important. It’s crucial that you reflect every time you present as most people tend to only reflect when things don’t go to plan. So, they may become aware of what they won’t do again but they aren’t noticing the aspects that worked well and should be included in their next presentation.

Part of my before ritual is:

  • Positive visualisation. I start doing this a few days out.
  • Managing my energy by being mindful of what I eat and do 24 hours beforehand.
  • Wearing clothes that I feel comfortable and confident in.

My habit of reflection has helped me realise that I should do this every time I present, especially for high-stakes keynotes.

Post Keynote Reflections

After the keynote, I had so many compliments and people sharing with me what they loved about either the content and/or my style. One woman said she loved the way I came on stage. I was intrigued because I was thinking, “How did I come on stage?”. So, I asked her.  She said, “You ran on with so much energy.”

I had not realised I had done that but now that I know that portrays energy and the audience like it then I will continue to do it and make it a part of my routine.

If continually getting better at presenting is important to you, then I encourage you to develop a routine and get into the habit of reflecting after every presentation on what worked, what didn’t and what you will do differently.

P.S. My rescheduled public workshop on Powerful Presentations is this Thursday. You can find out more and register here.