July 9, 2018

Ep04: Authentic Leadership Podcast – Georgia Samuel

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From Corporate Lawyer to Gourmet Salads

How does someone make the transition from being a Corporate Litigation Lawyer to starting a gourmet salads franchise? And why would they? Georgia Samuel did exactly that. Georgia is the Founder and CEO of Famish’d – Salads n Stuff. Her first store commenced trading in June 2010 and the business has seen rapid growth ever since.

Georgia Samuel

I was thrilled to interview Georgia as part of my podcast series where we talk about authentic leadership. We discuss what guided her to make the move from the courtroom to the cool room. Her insights show an incredible commitment to bucking the trend and taking control of your own life and career.

Ep04: Authentic Leadership Podcast

Grab a healthy salad and listen along as we discover Georgia Samuel’s stories and experiences around authentic leadership.