August 20, 2019

Ep14: Authentic Leadership Podcast – Matthew Ricker

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I first meet Matthew Ricker over 12 years ago when I was running a storytelling training workshop at nab. During the workshop, Matt shared a story about his Nana. His story stayed with me all these years and I have shared it many times in my subsequent workshops.

About Matt

Matt joined Bank First in 2018 as Chief Customer Officer where he leads the Lending, Insurance, Financial Planning, Branches and the Member Contact Centre teams. With over 27 years’ experience at National Australia Bank, Matt has a strong understanding of financial services.

Episode 14 – Making our Nanas’ proud

I was delighted to interview Matt for my authentic leadership podcast series. The story about his Nana and the reputation of the finance industry was relevant 12 years ago and unfortunately, even more relevant today. Have a listen to our conversation. You might agree that it is finance industry leaders like Matt that will be able to make our Nanas’ proud again.

Authentic Leadership Podcast Series

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