October 15, 2019

Ep16: Authentic Leadership Podcast – Michelle Loader

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Managing Director – Fisher Leadership

I first met Michelle Loader when she was CEO of Chandler Macleod and the Vice President of the International Women’s Forum. After a 12-month break, Michelle is now the Managing Director of Fisher Leadership. I am also proud that she is one of my founding ambassadors for Jargon Free Fridays.

About Michelle Loader

Michelle is a leader with an endless curiosity to ask ‘why?’ She follows this up with the strategic know-how, energy and passion to transform people, projects and organisations. As an executive with an extensive history leading change in both large and small organisations, Michelle believes in the idea of ‘life-giving workplaces’ and views rapid disruption as a gifted opportunity to challenge old paradigms, inefficient processes and outdated ideas of culture.

I recently sat down with Michelle to interview her about authentic leadership. She has some great insights into what type of leadership is required in the future and why, as well as highlighting one of the biggest challenges that executives face.

Authentic Leadership Podcast Series

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