November 12, 2019

Ep18: Authentic Leadership Podcast – Peter Acheson

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CEO – Chandler Macleod

I first met Peter Acheson a few years ago when he was CEO at Peoplebank. Recently, he became the CEO of Chandler Macleod, taking up the role in March this year.

About Peter Acheson

Peter is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated track record. Deeply passionate about employee engagement, Peter fosters a high-performance environment filled with career opportunity, agile leadership and constant innovation. In his spare time, Peter enjoys reading both non-fiction and fiction books, playing tennis, watching AFL and spending time with his wife and four children.

I was delighted to interview him as part of my authentic leadership podcast series. We discussed many things, such as the changing focus for business leaders, how he manages the demands of CEO while raising four children and his love of apricot chicken.

Authentic Leadership Podcast Series

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