August 10, 2021

Ep30: Authentic Leadership Podcast – John Cox

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In this episode of my Authentic Leadership podcast, I speak to John Cox. I first met John when he attended my storytelling training at National Australia Bank. Currently he is finishing a five-year stint as Chief Information Officer at Australia Post before moving onto Coles as their Chief Technology Officer.

About John Cox

His career has covered the breadth of financial services (banking, payments, insurance, wealth, and markets), retail, government services and logistics. John has lived and worked in Australia, Germany, Scotland, and England and has managed teams across the globe. He is passionate about learning and the potential of education to change lives.

Our Discussion

John believes in leading bravely and saying it as it is. So please be warned that you may want to listen to this with headphones as there is as bit of swearing. I would like to say John started it but he didn’t. Anyway, I hope you enjoy our conversation which includes what authentic leadership means and looks like to John.

Authentic Leadership Podcast

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