September 21, 2021

Ep33: Authentic Leadership Podcast – Layne Beachley AO

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In this episode of my Authentic Leadership Podcast, I was delighted to sit down and speak to Layne Beachley AO. Layne is one of Australia’s sporting legends with seven world surfing championships. Other accomplishments include being the Chair of Surf Australia and founder of the Awake Academy. She is also a successful motivational speaker and author.

About Layne Beachley AO

Layne’s nine-year professional surfing career was an emotional rollercoaster filled with injury, failure, success, depression, happiness and contentment. Through her experiences she has come to believe that life loves throwing curveballs to test your resolve. Consequently, she enjoys sharing her life lessons to inspire people to wake up, take ownership of their choices and live a life they love.

Our Conversation

During our chat we cover topics such as some of her biggest professional and personal challenges. Layne shares how she overcomes fear and doubt and her ongoing work around mindset. This episode is full of amazing insights and funny stories, like how she lost her wedding ring while surfing and had to come up with a genius way to tell her Rockstar husband, Kirk Pengilly, so he wouldn’t be upset.

I hope you enjoy listening to Layne as much as I loved speaking to her.

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