October 5, 2021

Ep34: Authentic Leadership Podcast – Jenelle McMaster

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In this episode I speak with Jenelle McMaster who is the Deputy CEO and Markets Leader at EY. Earlier this year Jenelle interviewed me on her Change Happens Podcast, so I get to ask the questions this time.

About Jenelle McMaster

With over 20 years of consulting experience in the areas of transformational change, management and HR, Jenelle previously led the Change and HR services for EY member firms across Asia-Pacific. She is passionate about driving cultural change and shifting mindsets about the realms of the possible.

Jenelle is also a passionate supporter of women in business, lover of yoga and dance, former army reservist and mother of two.

Our Discussion

Jenelle reveals how she has struggled with Imposter Syndrome all her life and how her value of humility has been both a strength and a weakness. Overall our discussion provides many valuable insights for leaders.

Join me to see how this amazing woman went from her first job at 16 spruiking sausages at Woolworths to the Deputy CEO of one of our largest professional consulting firms. Plus the extraordinary and humorous lengths she takes to avoid the word ‘pivot’.

Authentic Leadership Podcast

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