November 9, 2021

Ep36: Authentic Leadership Podcast – Deb Ganderton

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On my latest episode of the Authentic Leadership Podcast, I speak to the CEO of Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (GMCT), Deb Ganderton. Besides discussing Deb’s very authentic leadership style, we also talk about the future of cemeteries and the role they can play for both the living and the dead.

About Deb Ganderton

In 2019, Deb was appointed CEO of GMCT. This community-focused non-profit organisation manages 19 cemeteries and memorial parks in Melbourne. It is one of the leading players in Australia’s funeral and cemetery industry. Her ambitions are to lead a resilient and happy GMCT workforce who remain committed to providing an essential service to Melbourne’s diverse communities.

Deb has significant management and leadership experience in the public and private sector. What’s more she owns and operates her own business.

Our Discussion

In this episode, Deb shares what shocks her about her job and the impacts of COVID-19. She also discusses what she loves about her job. And you may be surprised by just how many pairs of glasses she owns.