May 10, 2022

Ep41: Authentic Leadership Podcast – Dan Stubbs

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Imagine you started losing your sight at the age of 15 and within six weeks were blind. This is exactly what happened to Dan Stubbs, the Victorian Disability Worker Commissioner. I had the pleasure of interviewing Dan on my latest Authentic Leadership Podcast episode.

About Dan Stubbs

Dan was appointed in October 2019 by the Governor-in-Council, on the recommendation of the Minister and in consultation with the Disability Worker Registration Board of Victoria. As Commissioner he is responsible for regulating the conduct of disability workers.

Dan is passionate about the rights and entitlements of vulnerable people and has a history of advocating for their rights. He has worked in the community legal sector for the past 10 years as a lawyer and recently as CEO of Inner Melbourne Community Legal. Here he led innovation and law reform advocacy, advancing the rights of vulnerable people including people experiencing homelessness, people with disability, people escaping family violence and those from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds.

Our Conversation

During our interview, Dan offers some great insights into leadership. He also discusses how his management style has changed over the decades, especially as he was thrown into leadership roles at a relatively young age. What’s more he shares some unique challenges that visually impaired people had to navigate during the pandemic.

Dan is a truly passionate leadership who has had an amazing career. I hope you enjoy listening to our conversation.

Authentic Leadership Podcast

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