Gabrielle Dolan discusses the competitive advantage of storytelling for your personal and organisational brand.

As the OG of Business Storytelling, Gabrielle’s latest Book “Magnetic Stories” is another incredibly helpful contribution into the art and science of storytelling that benefits your own personal brand and the brand of your Business. This show unpacks why storytelling for leaders really matters and also navigates us through the kinds of stories we can tell – all the while dispelling myths around WHO can become a storyteller and what we need to be focused on to begin this journey. Humans are wired for narrative. We are wired to place ourselves in a bigger story that calls us up into the purpose, values and culture that we aspire to belong to. Stories are at the heart of making this not just meaningful, but also memorable. Ral, as we call her, will step you through a process to become a master storyteller yourself so you can manage your own brand and build the brand of your business.

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