August 4, 2020

Ep23: Authentic Leadership Podcast – Gretchen Gagel

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On this episode of the Authentic Leadership Podcast, I speak to Gretchen Gagel.

About Gretchen Gagel

Gretchen previously lived and worked in the USA as a leading expert in the construction industry. Two years ago, she moved to Australia and was appointed the Managing Director, Asia Pacific at Conversant.

Gretchen is an affiliate Professor for the Australian National University in Canberra and the University of Denver. Together with these accomplishments, she also runs her own consultancy and Greatness Podcast.

Our Conversation

Recently Gretchen completed her PhD on Organisational Learning, Performance and Change. This led us to discuss the difference in leadership styles between Australia and America. During the podcast we also cover the importance of emotional intelligence when it comes to authentic leadership and performance. Listeners will be surprised to hear what the research shows about emotional intelligence when people hit the age of 55.

Other highlights include that we run for the same reasons and both dislike raw tomato …riveting conversation. Tune into the full podcast below.

Authentic Leadership Podcast Series

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P.S. For those who asked about Alex from last week’s post, the COVID test came back negative, which was a great relief.