May 23, 2023

Have you had your knives sharpened lately?


For the last few years.., actually let’s make that ten years, I have been meaning to have my kitchen knives sharpened by a professional.

I occasionally do them myself, but I know they are nowhere near as sharp as they could be.

What was the hold up?

My reluctance to get them sharpened was because I didn’t want to be without the knives for a few days while they were serviced.

So, this Christmas I had a brain wave and suggested to my daughter Jess that the best Christmas present she could get me was to organise for the knives to be sharpened while we were away for two weeks.

There is a Better Way to Get Your Knives Sharpened

What Jess did was contact a company that comes to your house and sharpens your knives on the spot. That way you are only without them for about 15 minutes.

OMG!!!!!! What was I thinking all those years?

Do you know what I wasn’t thinking???

I wasn’t thinking…

  • Maybe there is a better way.
  • Maybe there is a different way.
  • Maybe someone in my team will have a different solution.

It goes to show you that fresh eyes can often provide a different perspective.

Consequently, I encourage you to consider what aspects of your business you could sharpen if you empower someone else with a specific task.