June 21, 2013



How leaders connect, engage and inspire with storytelling.

In Hooked, communication and business storytelling experts Gabrielle Dolan and Yamini Naidu use real-world examples and proven, effective techniques to teach the skill of great business storytelling. They explain what good storytelling is, why business leaders need to learn it, how to create effective stories, and how to practice for perfection. It offers proven advice on telling engaging, inspiring stories and includes real-world examples and case studies of what to do and not to do.

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This is a very simple and clear book on how to bring storytelling into you working life. I have already leveraged and shared 2 stories from this book, in my own way, as the stories were so relatable to what I was communicating. This is a good book to help start the journey into storytelling.

Amazon review


“Hooked” is a brilliant and simple guidebook to help us connect in a genuine, interesting and engaging manner using stories. Each chapter provides a new insight into the art of business storytelling. Beautiful stories are used to illustrate the theme in each chapter and the bullet point summary helps focus and distill the learnings. This is a wonderful contribution and a “must read” for anyone with a passion to inspire the people they communicate with.

John, Amazon Reviewer


Excellent book that is very eye opening. I have started applying some of the techniques provided and have had great results. Well written, plenty of examples and each step in detail.

Brant, Amazon Reviewer