July 9, 2024

I forgot my wedding anniversary AGAIN!


Last week I received the following text from my best mate Gail, who was also my bridesmaid at our wedding 26 years ago.

“Happy Wedding Anniversary for yesterday.”

I turned to Steve and said,

“Do you know what yesterday was?”

He quickly responded.

“OMG it was our wedding anniversary!”

I must admit it was quicker than I would have replied.

We had both forgotten… AGAIN!

The Best Intentions

I know it’s terrible that we don’t remember our wedding anniversary. We started with the very best intentions by taking it turns to organise something, but after about 10 years our efforts trailed off (I blame kids). Mind you we have serendipitously organised overseas holidays where we found ourselves celebrating our 20th anniversary in Rome and our 25th anniversary in Amsterdam.

This year we played 18 holes of golf at Trentham in country Victoria and went out for beers and a late lunch afterwards… albeit a day late.

Typically, Gail reminds us by sending a happy anniversary text on the day. She was 24 hours late this time so I may need to have a performance management conversation with her! 😜

But seriously, I do rely on her to remind me.

Your Pit Crew

In her brilliant book, It’s Who You Know, Janine Garner talks about the 12 critical people you need in your network. Three people fall into the category of your Pit Crew. The people that have your back, that support you and look out for you.

I believe life is a lot better if you have a pit crew in both your personal and professional lives.

So, do you have people in your pit crew?

And do you let them know you appreciate them?