August 9, 2016



Real leadership, real talk, real results.

Ignite: Real Leadership, Real Talk, Real Results is an honest guide to achieving lasting business success by becoming a more authentic leader. Leaving behind the boring and mundane, this guide cuts to the chase with a frank and forthright style to provide insight that can radically transform your business. You’ll learn how your communication style may be holding you back, and how a few simple changes can inspire your team, engage your customers, and remind you just how effective you can be.

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What a simply brilliant book. I just love how you can truly feel her personality coming off the page and brought to life by beautiful and insightful stories. This book will transform your approach to leadership. Thank you for putting this out into the world.

Jeremy, Amazon reviewer


I loved Ignite because just like the cover says, it is REAL. It talks to the leader being real in a way like never before, but it does so in a refreshingly frank and almost unashamed way. Gabrielle’s writing style is witty and smart. I thoroughly recommend this book for anyone wanting cut through in how to communicate, ignite and inspire with impact.

Amazon Review


Practical and pragmatic, this is a leadership book that cuts through the jargon and gets you thinking differently. Really enjoyable.

Amazon Review