June 6, 2023

I’m about to head overseas


On Thursday I head overseas for a bit of work as well as pleasure.

Our Travel Destinations

Firstly, I am attending the International Women’s Forum Conference in Helsinki. Afterwards, Steve and I are going on our first ever cruise around Norway. As it is our first cruise experience, we also decided to get the latest COVID jab on the weekend.

Once we finish the cruise, we will spend a few days in Copenhagen and Amsterdam as well as a week in Briançon, France with friends. Finally, we will fly to the UK to go to the third day of the third Ashes test in Headingley. Please don’t rain!

So, this will be the last newsletter until I get back but of course I will still post stories on LinkedIn if you want to follow our trip on that platform.

Workshop and Training Enquiries

Elise is transitioning back to work from maternity leave so she will be able to help you with enquiries and workshop bookings. Her workload is all dependant on little Bertie’s sleep patterns (see cute photo attached). At the moment, he is acting CEO.

By the way, if you are thinking of conducting any training for 2023 you may want to get in quickly. I only have about 15 days available for the rest of the year.

And of course, if you have left over training budget you would like to use before the end of the financial year then let us know. We can invoice now and deliver the training later. As we all know about training budgets… if don’t use it, you lose it.