August 30, 2022

Implementing change – the biggest thing we get wrong


Last month I had the pleasure of sitting down and being interviewed by Robert Moorman from Hunting with Pixels. During our conversation we spoke about the importance of storytelling to build trust in business. We also covered the important role of emotion and connection, especially when implementing change.

Implementing Change

For the last thirty years I have been involved with leading change across organisations. This includes my leadership and change management roles some time ago at NAB as well as helping organisations with their change efforts over the last two decades.

From my experience the rationale behind the change has no effect on the outcome. It’s beside the point as to whether you want to lead technical change, create organisational change or implement new values and company purpose. Why? Because there is one fundamental reason why most of these efforts either fail or don’t achieve the desired outcome. I share this reason in the following 60 second video, which Robert and the team did a magnificent job of capturing.

Increase Your Chance of Success

Feel free to contact us to see how I can work with you to ensure your next change effort connects and engages employees in a meaningful way, and ultimately increases your chances of success.