April 27, 2022

Jigsaw Puzzles – ‘It will be a challenge’


I love jigsaw puzzles.

I prefer ones that have a lot of contrast in the image and the shapes of the pieces. So, not too much monotone sky or water and a good variety of shape sizes (edges, regulars, irregulars, double wings, double ears and triple ears).

Jigsaw Puzzles Challenge

For my birthday this year, my husband gave me a jigsaw saying, “I thought this one would be a challenge for you”.

I said thank you but… I immediately knew due to the lack of contrast in the image, it was 100% sky, I would hate it.

My Attempt

When I opened it, I also noticed that there were only the edges and regular shapes. The minimum variety of shapes you can have in a jigsaw. This was certainly going to be a challenge and a boring one at that.

Unfortunately, it became a process of elimination. Trying pieces instead of the enjoyment of visually matching contrast in colour and shape. I gave up at the point I took this photo.

My Thoughts on Challenges

The reason I am sharing this is that we are often encouraged to take on challenges in our professional and personal lives. To step outside our comfort zone. But it still should be enjoyable. Don’t take on a challenge for the sake of it. Make sure you are either growing from it and/or enjoying it.

P.S. Does anyone want a jigsaw puzzle?

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