I have some exciting news! My good mate, the one and only Jac Phillips and I have launched a podcast.

Jac and I go way back. We’re talking roughly 15 years of friendship and about 50 years of combined experience in the corporate world. So, when Jac said “We should do a podcast,” I jumped at the idea.

The Podcast

Each week, we’ll be exploring different topics such as personal brand, public speaking, energy management, negotiation and zero f*#ks to give.

We will also be answering your questions. So, if you’ve got queries or burning questions you would like to ask us, then fire away.

The podcast is called Keeping It Real with Jac and Ral and the trailer episode went live yesterday.

2024 Launch Dates

We will be serving up fresh episodes every Monday morning, starting 22nd January 2024. The trailer episode says we launch in mid-February but after recording that we got so bloody excited (or impatient) that we decided on an earlier launch.

Each episode will be about 20 to 30 minutes and we hope it will be your perfect Monday morning pick-me-up!

We would love you to have a listen to the trailer episode and follow us, so you don’t miss an episode.

You can access it wherever you listen to or watch your podcasts including Spotify, Apple, Amazon Music and YouTube.