October 12, 2023

Leaving a Legacy: How a Personal Story Transformed a Job Opportunity


This is one of the best examples of the power of storytelling I have seen for a while. It shows how a personal story transformed a job opportunity as well as proving that they can work just as well in the written format.

My niece Lauren sent me this story that was written by her manager and put on their internal communication system.

The story goes…

Hi Team

Storytime – The town I grew up in had an awesome outdoor pool and some of my fondest memories are from days at the pool.

In my 20s I started dating a man who told me his grandfather dug the hole for that pool. I was suitably impressed and subsequently married him years later. I find myself back at the pool telling my children that their great grandfather dug the hole for the awesome pool that was still there. They were less impressed but still loved the pool.

We’ve long since moved away but as a grandmother now, I’m looking for an excuse to head back to that pool and tell my granddaughter about her whole digging great, great grandfather.

I think it’s human nature to want to leave a legacy and have pride in the achievements of our forefathers. So… I’m now looking for a volunteer to manage a component of the project that is possibly just as interesting as digging a hole. It will become your legacy.

Any person intrigued, please reach out to me and we will discuss. One word clue ‘compliance’.


I asked Lauren did it work, she replied,

“Like a charm. It’s literally the worst job but people are banging down her door with ‘I want to leave a legacy. I’ll dig a hole’.”

A Brilliant Example of a Personal Story

This is such a brilliant example of a succinct personal story, attached to a business message. And the ultimate demonstration of inspiring others through the power of storytelling.

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