April 10, 2024

Lessons from Sharing a Bathroom


While on holidays with my daughter last week we were back to sharing a bathroom. I could seriously write a book about the joys of not having to share a bathroom with your kids, but I digress. And I have just broken one of the fundamental lessons I teach people which is don’t go off at a tangent from your story, especially at the start. Now I have digressed twice!

Anyway, while grocery shopping with Alex she bought some body moisturiser. I’m using the word ‘bought’ loosely here because there is a lot of stuff that gets thrown into the shopping trolley when my children are not paying (Does that happen to anyone else!?).

She also advised me that this product was a hydrating moisturiser. I silently rolled my eyes and thought to myself ‘Surely all moisturiser is hydrating’.

This Moisturiser Feels Different

Considering we were sharing the bathroom and I actually paid for this special ‘hydrating’ moisturiser, I started to use it. And I must admit, it did feel different. It was a bit thicker than normal and took a long time to rub in, but my skin did feel different, so I kept using it every day.

After a few days I mentioned to Alex that the moisturiser was good, but it took a long time to rub in. She just looked at me and said,

‘Tell me you are joking?’

‘No! What! Why?’

‘Mum that is not moisturiser, it’s body wash.’

Hmmmm, that would explain a few things.

Lessons Learnt

For those familiar with my work, you may be thinking that I have a habit of not reading labels. Remember the eye drops story?

But the reason I am sharing this with you is twofold.

Firstly, just like in business and life in general, when something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t. So, maybe double check things.

Secondly, when something happens to you, think about how you could use that story to deliver a business message.