January 18, 2021

Magnetic Stories


Connect with Customers and Engage Employees with Brand Storytelling

Your brand is the stories people share about you when you’re not in the room, and it’s these brand stories that determine if people buy from you, employ you, work for you or invest in you. When the stakes are that high, wouldn’t you want to take control of it? In Magnetic Stories, business storytelling expert Gabrielle Dolan reveals how you too can create and share stories that stick.

Learn how to:

  • define and distinguish your brand
  • stand out from the competition
  • implement brand storytelling effectively
  • strengthen your presence online by sharing magnetic stories
  • make your employees and customers your greatest advocates.

In a world of inauthentic brands, Magnetic Stories is a must read for anyone who wants their brand to be relatable, believable and create long-term brand loyalty.

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“A compelling and easy read with powerful case stories, and a swag of footnotes that will give you a chuckle along the way.”

Jenelle McMaster, Managing Partner, Oceania Markets, EY

“This excellent “brand storytelling bible” is a magnetic source of inspiration for those who want to attract commercial success.”

Jac Phillips, Senior Director and Head of Marketing, Visa

“Magnetic Stories is packed with great examples of “case stories” and will give any reader the confidence on how to create and tell your messages through storytelling.”

Michael Ebeid, Former CEO SBS and Group Executive Telstra

A must read for all those who want to connect at the heart not just through facts and logic. Can’t wait to take out my highlighter and dog ear some pages.”

Christine Corbett, Chief Customer Officer, AGL

There’s a lot of gold in this book. Magnetic Stories reads like a compelling story of its own.”

Tim Duggan, Author of Cult Status: How to build a business people adore

Love this book! Brand storytelling from the inside out is one of the hallmarks of a strong brand.”

Adam Ferrier, Author of Stop Listening to the Customer

In Magnetic Stories Gabrielle delivers again. The book is engaging, thought provoking, easy to digest, littered with humorous asides and, most importantly, practical.”

Stephen Purcell, Non-executive Chairman, Nexia Australia

“An enthralling and informative read from cover to cover.”

Anne Bennett, Senior Executive