February 2, 2021

My Latest Book is Now Available

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Having failed English in my final year of school, it feels a bit surreal to be announcing the publication of my sixth book. Sister Carol, my year 10 English teacher, wrote that “Gabrielle’s unwillingness to attend to basic grammar, spelling and vocabulary skills has adversely influenced her overall expression and essay writing”. I’m not going to argue with this statement and I’m eternally grateful for Grammarly and the brilliant editors I surround myself with.

Magnetic Stories

Anyway, my latest book is called Magnetic Stories: Connect with customers and engage employees with brand storytelling. I really believe this is the best book I have written and I’m not alone. I received the following review in an email from Sia (not the singer) after she read an advanced copy.

“Ral I read your new book – and I FRICKING LOVE IT! I could not put it down and read it cover to cover. I think this one might be my favourite yet (but I love them all). I started reading it and before I knew it, I was on page 167 and I’d finished the book. Congratulations Ral, this book is amazing. I love, love, love the way it’s written, and love the funny footnotes, they made me laugh.”

Sia Papageorgiou, Director, Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence

Pre-Orders and Added Incentives

The book will be available in-store on 1st March, but you can pre-order your copy at multiple online bookstores. These include:

We also put together some pretty good incentives if you purchase multiple copies.

  • Buy five books and we will gift you another copy of Magnetic Stories that will be personally numbered and signed by me.
  • Buy ten books and receive a signed copy (as above) plus a free ticket to my virtual Your Stories Your Brand two hour workshop on 25th March, valued at $250/ticket.

Why buy it?

The book is perfect for anyone who wants to connect and engage with employees and customers and is serious about taking control of their brand for themselves, their team or their entire company. Brand storytelling is not the responsibility of the marketing department it’s for everyone. So why not buy yourself a copy or take advantage of the presale incentives and buy a few more for your team or clients.

To receive your free gift, simply buy your multiple copies (five or ten) from any supplier and email your receipt of purchase to Elise. Don’t forget to include your postal address as well so we know where to send your books.

You can also download Part One of the book for free to give you a feel for the contents.

Pre-sales are critical for an author to build momentum with the book so I appreciate any support you can give in purchasing copies. If you like my work, I know you will love this book.


Finally, I was humbled by business leaders from around the world who read advance copies and provided some great testimonials. Here are snippets of some of them…

I am lost for words. God truly can work miracles.

Sister Carol

Ok that one is made up, but the rest are true!

Magnetic Stories is packed with great examples of “case stories” and will give any reader the confidence on how to create and tell your messages through storytelling.

Michael Ebeid, Former CEO SBS and Group Executive Telstra

A compelling and easy read with powerful case stories, and a swag of footnotes that will give you a chuckle along the way.

Jenelle McMaster, Managing Partner, Oceania Markets EY

There’s a lot of gold in this book. Magnetic Stories reads like a compelling story of its own.

Tim Duggan, Author of Cult Status: How to build a business people adore

This excellent “brand storytelling bible” is a magnetic source of inspiration for those who want to attract commercial success.

Jac Phillips, Senior Director and Head of Marketing Visa

Every time I read Gabrielle’s wisdom, I am reminded of the need to be more thoughtful in the stories I tell. Gabrielle has hit yet another home run!

Gretchen Gagel, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Conversant

In Magnetic Stories Gabrielle delivers again. The book is engaging, thought provoking, easy to digest, littered with humorous asides and, most importantly, practical.

Stephen Purcell, Non-executive Chairman, Nexia Australia

Love this book! Brand storytelling from the inside out is one of the hallmarks of a strong brand.

Adam Ferrier, Author of Stop Listening to the Customer

Highly recommend for anyone trying to engage their employees on a deeper level.

James Bell, Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand, Bloomberg

A must read for all those who want to connect at the heart not just through facts and logic.

Christine Corbett, Chief Customer Officer, AGL

Great stories, simple rules and powerful insights – this book is an essential guide for anyone who wants to have a positive impact on their employees and customers and for any business looking to more effectively build their brand through storytelling.

Anthony Healy, CEO and Managing Director, Australian Business Growth Fund