August 26, 2020

Our Actions Today Create Tomorrow’s Stories


During the week, a long-time friend of my Dad passed away. When I informed my friends that knew him, one person returned my message with this story…

I remember a really nice story about Mr McCarthy from over 25 years ago. At the time, he worked in the finance office at the same hospital I worked at. When your Dad dropped off a piece of my furniture that he had restored, I told him about how I had been rejected on long service leave. Your Dad commented on how that felt wrong.

That night I had a phone call from Mr McCarthy, who had spoken to your dad. Anyway, he listened to my story and said he thought a mistake had been made. He then asked me to complete some forms. The next thing I knew, my long service leave was approved. I was so unbelievably grateful to him.

Sharing The Story

Hearing this made me very proud of both my Dad and Mr McCarthy. I subsequently shared this story with my Mum, who passed it on to Mrs McCarthy and her children.

It goes to show that our actions today create tomorrow’s stories. What are you doing today that will generate the stories people share tomorrow or maybe even decades later?