August 12, 2020

Pleasantly Surprised


When the restrictions of Coronavirus forced us all into remote working, most of my clients swapped to training online. Even though this was a necessity there was a part of me that was concerned about how engaging virtual training could be.

Virtual Training

Since April I have been delivering my workshops and keynote presentations online and there is one word that describes the experience… pleasantly surprised. Ok so that’s two words but I have been genuinely amazed by how engaging and interactive they are. What’s more, it pleases me to know how much the participants have enjoyed my virtual training.

Over July I ran several public workshops on storytelling and presenting with impact which received fantastic feedback. Here are some samples of the feedback…

“The time flew, and you made us feel we were in the room with you, an exemplar for virtual workshops.”

“Great content and some truly helpful insights that I’m already leveraging!”

“Thank you Gabrielle – what a brilliant workshop. I don’t think 3 hours have ever gone so quickly!”

“Brilliant session Ral, as our lives revolve more with online interactions this session was invaluable. You are definitely a one in a million presenter!!

“The 3 hours just flew! Such a valuable workshop with a practical framework that we can use immediately.”

“I thought I knew how to tell stories – you’ve given us the tools to start practising and finessing.”

New Sessions

I have been asked if and when I am running these sessions again, so we have scheduled more in the coming months.

Business Storytelling

22nd September 9am – 12pm

14th October 1 – 4pm

Presenting with Impact

30th September 9am-12pm

22nd October 1 – 4pm

These will be the last public sessions I run for 2020. Even though virtual training is better than expected, I would still love to run these in person at some stage in 2021.

Needless to say, that if you would like to discuss an in-house virtual program feel free to contact Elise who will set up a time to talk with me.

My promise to you is that my virtual programs will resemble the face to face experience as much as possible – interactive, engaging, live… just online.