June 18, 2018

Ep03: Authentic Leadership Podcast Series – Georgie Harman

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Georgie Harman – CEO beyondblue

I first met Georgie Harman when we were speaking at a leadership event in Byron Bay. We hit it off straight away. Not only because we were wearing almost the exact same outfit of black pants and a bright orange top!

Georgie is the CEO of beyondblue. I was blown away by her courage and vulnerability as she openly shared stories on stage. I knew immediately that she was a CEO I had to include in my Authentic Leadership Podcast Series.

Authentic Leadership Podcast Series – Georgie Harman

So, grab a cuppa and have a listen to my interview about Authentic Leadership with the amazing Georgie Harman. You too will get to hear her amazing stories and what she loves doing when she is not being a CEO.

Calling Authentic Leaders

If you work for a CEO that lives and breathes Authentic Leadership who would be interested in participating in this podcast series then please let me know.