April 4, 2019

Real Communication


How to be you and lead true

What’s happened to real? In a world of jargon, acronyms and distrust, does authenticity in leadership mean anything anymore?

The answer is a resounding YES. As the expectations of customers and employees evolve at a breakneck pace, businesses and organisations are starving for real communication and authentic leadership.

But there’s a lot of baggage and distrust to overcome. Real Communication shows you how decades of systematic deceit, jargon, alternative facts and a top-down culture of self-protection have nurtured cynicism in our organisations. With real-life case studies, pointers and guidelines, leadership consultant Gabrielle Dolan shows you how authenticity can earn trust with honest communication, and why it’s well worth the effort.

Great leadership demands commitment. Are you ready to get real? Learn how to:

  • communicate more effectively
  • improve employee engagement
  • help your team cope with change
  • lead significant organisational transformation
  • manage the new generation of employees.

When trust is broken, it is extremely hard to rebuild. Real Communication shows you how to do it, and the payoff is priceless.

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“Read this book cover to cover …and loved it! Thanks Gabrielle for the stories, the reminders and the advice! Needed today more than ever.”

Christine Corbett, former acting CEO and Chief Customer Officer of Australia Post

“The irrepressible and talented Gabrielle Dolan has done it again. Real Communication is full of wonderful stories and useful tips.”

Marty Linsky, Faculty Harvard Kennedy School

“This book will make you completely rethink how you lead, communicate and behave to be a more inclusive leader.” 

Michael Ebeid AM, Group Executive, Enterprise at Telstra

“Real Communication provides essential insights for twenty first century leaders. It’s a refreshing – and necessary – view of where leadership is headed.”

Frederique Covington, Senior Vice President Marketing Asia Pacific, VISA

“Authenticity is a word that gets thrown around a lot. Gabrielle is the first leadership expert I’ve met who lives it. Real messages, delivered with truth in a way that anyone can access.”

Matt Church, Author, Speaker and Founder Thought Leaders

“Real Communication is one of those ‘must read’ books for anyone who is serious about leadership as it is packed with practical tips and real life examples of how to lead and communicate in a more effective and authentic way.”

Jamie McPhee, CEO ME Bank

“In a world of fake media riddled with message obfuscation, Ral, with the wisdom of an expert who has helped leaders become outstanding communicators, tells it like it is and makes simple the art of Real Communication.”

Dorothy Hisgrove, Partner and Chief People Officer, PwC