September 5, 2023

Take home as many stories as you do photos


On our recent holiday we stayed at Citizen M in Copenhagen. It was a funky boutique hotel that did things a bit differently.

One example was the room key card which was also a travel tag you could keep and use for your luggage. Well, I assumed you could keep it, otherwise I stole it!

The quote on the tag said:

‘Always take home as many stories as you do photos.’

As it referenced stories, of course I loved it.

A Good Source of Stories

I always think that travelling provides a good source of stories that you can use later in business. I know from my own experience that I return from my travels with so many new stories. Perhaps you have noticed! 🤔

I think travelling is a great source because it provides new and different experiences. Perhaps we are also going at a slower pace so we can more easily recognise new stories.

How to Find Stories

So, my advice for finding stories when travelling is as follows:

  • When you come across something unusual be curious and ask questions.
  • Research the back story when you get back to your hotel.
  • Always reflect on how you could use that story as an analogy in business.
  • Write the story down and take a photo so you remember it.
  • And of course share it!

Happy story hunting for your next travel adventure.