January 31, 2023

The 21 Most Common Storytelling Mistakes


At the end of last year, I completed 21 LinkedIn posts over 21 days where each post highlighted the most common storytelling mistakes I see both individuals and organisations make in business.

For my first blog back in 2023, I thought I would summarise them for you below.

My List of 21 Storytelling Mistakes

  1. Not practising your stories
  2. Too many messages in your story
  3. Telling the same story beyond its expiry date
  4. Ending with the moral of the story
  5. Aiming for the tearjerker
  6. Aiming for perfection
  7. Going for too long
  8. Starting with “Let me tell you a story”
  9. Not having an ending
  10. Not having a purpose
  11. Telling the same type of stories
  12. Making up stories
  13. Unnecessary editing
  14. Too many characters
  15. Too many numbers
  16. Not being prepared to be vulnerable
  17. Over sharing
  18. Not healing before revealing

The top three mistakes I see organisations make are:

  1. Thinking timelines, case studies and hypotheticals are stories
  2. Looking for the one brand/strategy/culture story
  3. Expecting employees to share stories but not teaching them how

Hopefully you are not making too many of the 21 mistakes I’ve listed above!


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