February 16, 2021

Five common mistakes companies make with brand storytelling


There is lot of talk about brand storytelling around the business world and companies are implementing this approach with various degrees of success. Like any emerging business trend, common mistakes are being made. So, let’s look at the five most common mistakes companies make when it comes to brand storytelling.

Common Mistakes

Mistake One – Not understanding what it is

Brand storytelling is not a slick corporate video or a timeline or just one story …it’s a combination of lots of stories.

Mistake Two – Not defining their brand

If any organisation does not have a clearly defined brand – including their purpose and values, then implementing brand storytelling will be a waste of time.

Mistake Three – Not teaching their people

This step is often deemed unnecessary, but it is essential. Without educating employees on brand storytelling and how to find and share stories effectively, companies are setting them up for failure instead of success.

Mistake Four – Not collecting stories from the past and present

Another common mistake is not implementing a process to find and collect stories. It could be something that happened years ago or only yesterday. It’s all about collecting the stories that respect the past, acknowledge the present and inspire the future.

Mistake Five – Not communicating stories in a variety of ways

This is perhaps not a mistake but certainly a missed opportunity. Stories should be shared more than once and over multiple platforms. On your website, in your induction program, on social media as well as internally and externally. The education process is essential to ensure employees are set up for success to do this well.

Brand Storytelling

Brand storytelling is not an easy process and it’s not quick. However, if it is done right, done authentically, it will help companies connect and engage with both customers and employees.

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