August 15, 2023

The International Women’s Forum – What the best presenters do


As you may have realised (and because I keep writing about it) I recently spent a month overseas. For part of my trip, I attended the International Women’s Forum (IWF) Global Conference in Helsinki. I was one of 528 global leaders from 28 different countries.

Insights from the IWF Global Conference

Throughout the conference we heard from global and local experts on a diverse range of topics.

These included:

  • Global security
  • Climate change
  • Happiness (Finland has been ranked the happiest country for six years in a row)
  • The transformation of the global diet
  • Finnish design
  • Quantum computing (OMG that went over my head!)

What the Best Presenters Do

All the speakers were amazing but there was a general consensus on who was the most engaging and memorable speaker.

When I asked people why that speaker was the standout, it was because of the stories she shared. This speaker shared personal stories to bring her passion, messages and insights to life.

Sharing stories is by far the most effective technique if you want to make your messages engaging and memorable. Stories make your messages sticky. And it’s what the best presenters do.

My Passion for Sharing Stories

My passion lies in helping business leaders discover more effective and authentic ways to communicate and engage. So, for almost 20 years I have been running Strategic Storytelling workshops.

I know from the consistent feedback that this practical training provides leaders with the permission, capability and therefore confidence to share stories. And what’s more, to share them effectively.

If learning about this powerful and authentic communication technique is of interest to you, then contact me to discuss an in-house session for your team. Alternatively, you can send me an email to be the first to hear about my only remaining public storytelling workshop for 2023 (which will most likely be in early December).