April 17, 2024

Unreasonable Hospitality


I have just finished listening to the audio book by Will Guidara titled Unreasonable Hospitality: The Remarkable Power of Giving People More Than They Expect.

I loved this audio book so much that I also purchased the hardcover version.

The book covers how Will Guidara and his business partner Chef Daniel Humm transformed their restaurant Eleven Madison Park to be voted Number 1 restaurant in the world in 2017.

What I Loved About Unreasonable Hospitality

What I loved about the book (shout out to Janine Garner for recommending it to me!) was how beautifully it portrayed the power of storytelling in business.

Through his writings, Guidara demonstrated:

  • The power of sharing personal stories with employees to show his passion.
  • How showing vulnerability leads to better conversations.
  • The immense value in sharing stories of employees demonstrating the desired values and behaviours to encourage the culture he wanted.
  • That when you give people more than what they expect, it gives them an experience they will remember and talk about forever.

Powerful Stories

The stories were so powerful in this book that it made me want to go to his restaurant. And as it happens, I will be in New York in May with Janine, so we have booked in to have dinner there.

I plan to write more posts about each of the above insights but for now I wanted to recommend this book for any business that delivers a service.