September 15, 2020

Ep24: Authentic Leadership Podcast – Warwick Fairfax

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In this episode of the Authentic Leadership Podcast, I sit down with Warwick Fairfax. If you are wondering about a connection to Fairfax Media, there is.

About Warwick

After the death of his father, Sir Warwick Fairfax, in 1987 and at the age of 26 Warwick took over the family media business, John Fairfax & Sons. Three years later the mighty media company collapsed due to crippling debt.

In our very honest conversation, Warwick openly talks about the challenges of those years. He highlights what drove his desires at 26 to take over the company and the ‘dumbest mistakes’ he made.

Warwick Fairfax is now the founder of Crucible Leadership, a philosophical and practical breakthrough in turning business and personal failures into the fuel for igniting a life of significance. His podcast Beyond the Crucible, shares insights from his experience and interviews other leaders who have leveraged their crucible moments to live and lead with significance.

Listen in below to our authentic leadership conversation to get a rare insight into a part of Australia’s media history and how one man recovered from what he calls his ‘crucible moment’.

Authentic Leadership Podcast Series

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