December 19, 2023

What a year it has been!


What a year it has been. Our first full year post covid with no lockdowns.

It’s been a pleasant surprise to see how many clients are committed to virtual delivery with 43% of my work delivered online this year. Proof that there are still many benefits to virtual delivery.

2023 Travel

My in-person training took me to London, New York (twice), Tokyo, Canberra, Newcastle, and several trips to Brisbane and Sydney. On top of multiple workshops in my hometown of Melbourne, I also attended a conference in Helsinki.

Overall, it was a lot of travel. To be specific, I took 45 flights and was away from home for 50 nights. 96 nights if you count all my holidays.

2023 Clients

This year I worked with 31 different companies and most of them were new clients. While a large amount of my work was storytelling, I also facilitated some presentation and thought leadership training. I also took on some MC work that I loved. So, if you are looking for an MC for your events in 2024, let’s chat.

Personal News

Elise had a baby in February (little Bertie) and took maternity leave. I sort of managed to keep the ship afloat without too much collateral damage… that I know of anyway.

On a personal note, we moved house in January after 22 years in our family home. We are loving the house and our new area. I no longer have to share a bathroom with two teenage daughters, and you have no idea how much joy that brings me every single time I walk into it.

Steve and I took up golf again after about 25 years of not playing and we managed to get quite a few games of golf in. I also put a concerted effort into my energy management this year and feel like I am the fittest I have been in years. Bring on the next decade!

Next Year

Next year there are some exciting things happening with more holidays planned, including a fundraising trek in New Zealand where Steve and I will walk 100kms in four days. Funds from the Laureus Challenge will be directed into youth mental health programmes.

As I shared last week, I am starting a podcast called Keeping It Real with Jac and Ral that launches 22nd January. You can access the trailer episode here. I am so excited about it and I can’t wait for the launch.

Thank You

So, on behalf of Elise and myself thank you for all your support throughout the year. We know that many of you recommend us to others and we are truly grateful. We hope you have a fabulous Christmas and manage to have a bit of time off with family and friends.

We are also taking a significant break and the office will be closed from 20th December to the 22nd of January.

We look forward to working with you next year.


P.S. To help raise funds for the Laureus Challenge in NZ, I have decided to run a personal brand webinar and the full cost of the ticket will go towards our fundraising target. If you would like to gift yourself or your team a priceless hour to help you take control of your brand, then check out the webinars coming up in February. I am running two sessions to accommodate different time zones on 21st and 22nd February.

The cost is only $99 (including GST) and ALL of the funds will be donated to the Laureus Challenge to raise money for youth mental health programmes around the world.

If you can’t attend the webinars but would still like to donate you can do so here.