Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

A Thought Leader is the ‘go-to’ person in their industry or field.

Just like calling something a story doesn’t make it a story, the same is true with Thought Leadership. Calling yourself a Thought Leader does not make you a Thought Leader. It is perhaps a misunderstood and certainly overused expression at the moment…so what is a Thought Leader?


A Thought Leader is a subject matter expert who has unique perspectives and insights in their chosen field. They also proactively communicate their unique insights and perspectives in the market place. As they are the ‘go-to’ person in their industry or field they profit from this recognition.Thought Leaders may be self employed running their own practice or work for a company and want to increase their profile and influence in their industry.

In 2015 Gabrielle became an Australian and New Zealand Partner of Thought Leaders Global, where she works with organisations to help them gain a competitive edge through Thought Leadership.

Intensive – 2 Day Program

Gabrielle’s is delighted to announce that she is running another public Thought Leadership Intensive program in 2018.

ONLY Public Programs for 2018

  • Melbourne, 15th and 16th March

In conjunction with our clients we have developed a Thought Leadership Intensive program designed for the business professional that want to increase their profile and industry influence through Thought Leadership.

To download the brochure click here.

If you have more than 8 in your company that would benefit from being elevated to Thought Leaders contact us to discuss a tailored internal program.

What do the participants say about the program…

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