Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Just like calling something a story doesn’t make it a story, the same is true with Thought Leadership. Calling yourself a Thought Leader does not make you a Thought Leader. It is perhaps a misunderstood and certainly overused expression at the moment…so what is a Thought Leader?

A Thought Leader is a subject matter expert who has unique perspectives and insights in their chosen field. They also proactively communicates their unique insights and perspectives in the market place. As they are the ‘go-to’ person in their industry or field they profit from this recognition. Thought Leaders may be self employed (infopreneurs) or work for a corporation (intrapreneurs).  Of course many entrepreneurs are also Thought Leaders.

A Thought Leader is the ‘go-to’ person in their industry or field.


Thought Leadership for corporations helps to differentiate your company from competitors and be seen as market leaders in your field. This in-house program is about taking a select few of your talented stars and turning them into super stars. How? By helping them capture, package and share their ideas so they and your organisation are seen as Thought Leaders in your industry. It is for organisations that are looking for a more sophisticated way of marketing, attracting, retaining, rewarding and developing talent.

To find out more head to Thought Leaders Advantage website.

If there is only one or a few individuals in your organisation that you want to elevate to Thought Leader status then check out Gabrielle’s public Thought Leadership program The Edge. This is a unique program for corporate professionals to enable them to confidently and competently stand out in the market place and shine on a physical and virtual stage.


For individuals who are already running their own practice and want to be seen as the guru in their field, then Gabrielle highly recommends Thought Leaders Business School. This is a way to help individuals capture, package and sell their ideas in a commercially smart way. Ultimately this program helps individuals do the work they love, with people they like, the way they want to do it. Overall it is a great program that helps clever people be commercially smart.

Gabrielle is a Partner at Thought Leaders Global and on the faculty of Thought Leaders Business School and to find out more head to the Thought Leaders Business School website.


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